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Relax, Unwind & Feel Better with the Best Therapeutic, Relaxation & Deep Tissue Energy Work in Milwaukee...
Enjoy a deep, rewarding, professional massage today!

Welcome to Milwaukee's Best Massage!

Now under new ownership & new management. We are hiring licensed massage therapists. To apply, please email your resume.

Leave your cares behind. This moment is all about you!Milwaukee's Best Massage transcends traditional massage by creating a total sensory experience that begins the moment you step inside.

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While most massage providers and franchises offer a strictly technical experience, focused strictly on manipulating muscles, we make each session better by combining traditional Swedish massage with a proven touch therapy known as energy work.

In a world increasingly fixated on pain relief, we dare ask the question, "Why does it hurt?" and we use our knowledge of the body's energy systems to get to the root of the pain and release it.

You'll be able to enjoy a variety of techniques, many of them dating back thousands of years. Each will help you to relax, unwind and feel better. Our therapists will restore your body, mind and spirit to a place where real healing can take place.

Touch is our primary tool.

We use touch to change a client's awareness in how they move, breath, think, process, and react to the world around them. Each Touch therapy session employs the pressure that is right from you, from non-touch, ultra-light (feather) touch, medium pressure, to deep and ultra deep pressure.

Our clients love us & so will youOur touch, combined with range of motion activities, directed movement and specific stretches help you to let go of the stress, anxiety, or embedded memories that might be causing you to ache or experience pain.

The integrated use of touch, along with guided breathing, healing words and affirmations, visualization, music and specific aromas gives us the unique power to go where conventional massage therapy cannot.

By focusing on opening and balancing your body's energy pathways, we can provide a time and experience that gives you the power to break free from the tentacle of past events or people who harmed your psyche.

We do what is necessary to eliminate months & years worth of tightness, stored stress, toxic memories and anxiety.

Our team of trained and experienced massage and body work professionals work hard to live up to our reputation for offering men, women and couples the best full body relaxation, therapeutic, energy-based massages and chair massages in Milwaukee.

Instead, we bring energy work, relaxation & deep tissue release to a new level by combining advanced musclestechniques from around the world. Based on your needs, your therapist may:

  • Use Thai influenced stretches & amazingly deep pressure to the muscles along the spine and lower back

  • palpate, chop & squeeze your muscles till they give up and relax completely

  • glide their forearms across your muscles from head to toe (LomiLomi)

  • drive their elbows deep into your muscles & fascia

  • and go deep via muscle stripping and acupressure to melt those "memory knots" and stubborn muscles.

You'll be turned into a giant glob of jelly, completely relaxed and will leave smiling ear to ear!

In the end, you will walk away feeling relaxed, unwound and measurably better.

If you are already operating a high frequency, then our sessions will assist in taking you to the next level in your personal journey.

If you are searching for a great touch therapy, medical massage or bodywork session and your body craves deep, soothing pressure from head to toe you are just a phone call (414-899-1905), email, click or tap of the screen away from the best massage of your life.

At Milwaukee's Best Massage (MBM), your satisfaction is guaranteed.

This was exactly what I needed!... phenomenal." - Jasmine

"You know right where the pain is, and know what to do to make me feel better.... Your energy is amazing. Thank you!" - Kaitlin

"I haven't had more than a few hours of continuous sleep in years. After your massage, I went home and slept solid for 8 hours! Thank you so much....Relaxed is an understatement!" - Katie

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Each session — whether it's a:

will improve your body and mind!

Come to us to help you to bounce back from injury, respond positively to the effects of massive change, fight depression and deal with overexertion.

Add to that awesome service, positive attitudes, a soothing, ultra-relaxing environment, along with attention to the details and you get the best massage experience possible!

Is Milwaukee's Best Massage right for you?

"Before you can be somebody, heal somebody, love or be loved by anybody, you must be comfortable with your own body!"

Though we aim to please all who visit, MBM is NOT for everyone. For some, in fact, the experience will be akin to jumping out of an airplane for the 1st time.

Our clients are cool, intelligent, progressive men and women of all ages, races and orientations who are comfortable with their bodies and understand the power of massage therapy.

People who become life long MBM clients are touch enthusiasts. When it comes to massage they like the variety of therapeutic touch we offer.

Hard. Soft. Deep. Fast. Slow. All over. 2-hand. 4-hands. Whatever and wherever necessary to facilitate healing, reduce stress and remove pain.

Our clients appreciate licensed bodywork professionals who create a relaxing yet intensely satisfying experience that thoroughly works their whole body and shuts off their brains so that they can recharge.

Clients tell us over and over that MBM consistently delivers the best massages they've ever had. After your first visit you'll agree that MBM is a great choice for your monthly relaxation and deep tissue massage needs.

You'll love it here, and will be addicted to our massages almost instantly!

Sessions available 7 days a week 9am to 9pm by appointment only. To schedule SAME DAY appointments (subject to availability), Please call 414-899-1905 or email us.

Our buildiing on Mayfair Rd (HWY 100) between Bluemound Road & Wisconsin Avenue

Our address is:

611 N. Mayfair Rd, 2nd Floor, SW Suite, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
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If you are looking to make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance you may do so right now using our convenient online tool. Simply click on the appropriate link below.

60-minute relaxation massage ($70) - 90-minute relaxation massage ($95) - 2-hour luxury massage ($150)

(Please note these prices are for relaxation & prenatal sessions. Make ANY session a deep tissue massage for an additional $20 per hour).

It will be our pleasure to work with you on a regular basis to help you to avoid burn out, relax, feel more beautiful and alive, minimize your stress and help you to enjoy the awesome benefits of energy based therapeutic massage!

10 Reasons to Choose Milwaukee's Best Massage
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"Just wanted to let you know I referred your business to a couple of girlfriends of mine. They said they will be calling you. I told them that was the best massage I have ever had. It was different how you incorporate the stretching in there as well. It was awesome!!!! Thanks again for a great massage." - Sharon

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60-minute Energy Balancing Session ($90)

90-minute Energy Balancing Session ($120)


60-minute relaxation & nurturing massage ($70)

90-minute relaxation & nurturing massage ($95)


2-hour full-body luxury massage ($150)


60-minute DEEP TISSUE & Stretching massage ($90)

90-minute DEEP TISSUE & Stretching massage ($120)

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60-minute Couples RELAXATION Massage ($150)

90-minute Couples RELAXATION Massage ($200)


90-minute Prenatal massage ($95)


60-minute 4-Hand Massage ($140)

90-minute 4-Hand Massage ($190)