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Experience the Pleasure of Sweet Pain
...Milwaukee's Best Deep Tissue Massages

Few things are more exhilarating than laying on a heated massage table while a trained therapist digs their thumbs and elbows deep into your aching muscles.

We call it sweet pain; the kind of pain the HURTS SO GOOD because you can feel the tight muscles giving way to relaxed muscles and the knots disappearing right then and there.

We go deep and we make no apologies.

You can tap out if you want, but you won't want to. It's that good. 

During your session, feel free to embrace your inner masochist. What you say in the therapy room stays in the therapy room.

That means that in addition to spilling your soul to your therapist, you can scream, moan or curse to deal with the energetic release that comes with deep pressure.

Or just force yourself to simply whimper quietly to yourself as each beautiful moment of penetrating deep pressure — the kind you've wanted your whole life — takes your mind and body to a mental and physical realm of pure euphoria.

Just follow our instructions and you'll leave feeling like a billion dollars. Breathe in and out. Give up your need to be in control all the time. And be sure to shower before you arrive. Stinky clients are not invited back.


  • A 60-minute deep tissue massage is $90.
  • A 90-minute deep tissue massage is $120.

Call 414-899-1905 to make your appointment. OR, Reserve your deep tissue massage session using our online booking tool by clicking on the appropriate link below.

60-minute DEEP TISSUE massage - 90-minute DEEP TISSUE massage

Yes, we take all credit cards, and are open 7 days a week between 9am & 9pm.  No walk-ins. Appointments are required.

More about the best deep-tissue massages in Milwaukee...

Be mindful of what you ask for, our deep tissue massages are no picnic. They are designed to give you back your life, your ability to move again, to turn those virtual thighs and glutes of steel back into human muscle.

You can expect it to be vigorous and stimulating. It is helpful for chronically tense and tight areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, sore shoulders, and overworked leg and thigh muscles.

The movement is slow and deliberate. The pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Your practitioner will often spend an hour or more on a specific region of the body to encourage relief.

This is deeply therapeutic and amazingly addictive.

You get lots of pressure and therapeutic massage. Expect plenty of well placed elbows and forearms to reduce your muscle pain and fatigue. And as long as you have no medical conditions that prevent it, we'll twist your body into shapes by stretching you!

We won't be cruel the entire time! In fact our Deep Tissue massages can be blended to include lighter touch, energy work and LomiLomi. Think of it as a reward for good behavior.

Here at Milwaukee's Best Massage, your sweet pain deep tissue massages may also include:

  • Trigger point therapy (extended deep pressure on the muscle bellies of tight muscles to prompt a release)

  • Stripping (concentrated massage along the length of a stressed muscle or tendon)

  • And the use of Asian massage, acupressure & advanced stretching approaches to relieve specific muscles that are causing your pain and discomfort.

Reserve your deep tissue massage session using our online booking tool by clicking on the appropriate link below.

60-minute DEEP TISSUE massage ($90)

90-minute DEEP TISSUE massage ($120)

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