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Specialty Massage for Women
Soothing, Relaxing, Peaceful, Calming Massage

Enjoy our exclusive massages designed specifically for women.

Our massage for women takes the best of Eastern and Western traditions and blends them into a powerful experience that will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

This exquisite massage includes your scalp, ears, face, neck, back, glutes, legs, feet, inner and outer thighs, stomach, upper chest, arms and hand. We will also discuss any areas that need extra attention.

Each private, specialized massage for women...

  • eliminates stress
  • restores balance
  • relieves anxiety
  • takes away tension and rigidity
  • gives you a natural glow
  • and helps you to experience ultimate relaxation.

The focus of our specialty massages for women is to allow you to reconnect to your innate divinity. This special escape helps you to embrace your natural beauty and stunning femininity. Experience a total state of bliss.

Everything about our session is designed to make you feel more alive and relaxed. The massage room is peaceful and warm. Serene music plays softly in the background.

You get to be the taker and receiver. It is total pampering of your mind and body. It is a very calming and delightful escape.

"This was a massage fit for a goddess. Thank you!!!" - Sara

Feel more beautiful as the stress melts.

During a rejuvenating massage session at Milwaukee's Best, you'll feel healthier, happier and balanced. We use all natural massage oils rich with Vitamin E. Your therapist's hands revere your body and melt away pent up stress and emotional blocks.

Get a spa experience without the spa price. Enjoy a 60-minute relaxation session for $70. A 90-minute session is $95. Pull out all the stops with a 2-hour luxury session for only $150.

And if you need an entire session devoted to deep-tissue work & stretching, a 60-minute deep tissue massage is just $90, and a 90-minute deep tissue massage is just $120. Just ask for it when you make you appointment.

Call 414-899-1905 or email us to book today. If you'd like to reserve your massage session using our online booking tool, click on the appropriate link below.

60-minute session - 90-minute luxury session - 2-hour massage session

"I asked for a deep-tissue massage and you delivered. For that I am grateful...so refreshing to get the deeper pressure and touch I was looking for. I'll be back." - Joanne

Focused Massages for Women

Do you have a favorite body part or muscle group that you just love to have massaged? If so, a Focused Massage is your ticket!

We now offer specialty massages that focus exclusively on the areas that you need/want the most attention. You get 45-minutes of non-stop attention of the areas that make you feel the most relaxed and stress-free.

Choose just the areas (see below) where you want relief the most.

  • Neck, Head and Shoulders Massage
  • Upper and Lower Back Massage
  • Glutes, Thighs and Calf Massage
  • Hands and Feet Massage

These areas are the most prone to stress and having them massaged for 45-minutes feels awesome!!!

$55 for each 45-minute focused specialty massage

4-hand Diva Massage

Do you like the idea of being pampered with a luxurious massage by two touch therapists?

If so, then the Diva Massage is for you. You get a thorough, head-to-toe massage that lasts between 1 to 2 hours.

The massage takes place in a warm, intimately lit room on a super comfortable massage table.

You are draped in soft linens while 2 talented therapists (male/male, male/female or female/female) focus on relaxing you completely and helping you to escape your stress and anxiety. It's all about you and embracing your inner goddess.

While the music plays softly, gentle aromas such as rose and ylang ylang are used to peak your senses. Meanwhile 4 hands and forearms glide slowly across your body, starting with a scintillating head and face massage, then your neck, shoulders, arms and upper chest.

We pay special attention to your hands and feet. We also get you stomach, hips, thighs and calves, and remove the stress from your glute muscles too.

We alternate between light, medium and deep pressure, and use a variety massage styles to lull you into a state of bliss....You will love it!

A one-hour Diva Massage is just $150 and includes chocolates and flowers for you to take home. A 90-minute Diva Massage is just $200. A two-hour Diva Massage is only $250.

We accept cash and credit cards. We are available 7 days a week between 9am and 9pm.

Give yourself the Diva treatment today by calling or texting us at 414-899-1905 or by emailing your request today.

Remember that we can set up a "Couples Massage" for you and your best girlfriend, relative, partner or lover. It's even better than retail therapy!

Additional Testimonials & Feedback
"I really needed this. I feel amazing....Can't wait to see you again." - Connie

"Bliss! I've never felt like this before...Why didn't I come to you sooner? THANK YOU!!" - Gloria

"This was the best birthday gift for myself -- EVER!" - Nikki "You're an angel! I'm putting you on speed-dial!!" - Sue

"Wow! I feel terrific! Thank you so much for a truly great massage!....I am much more flexible - especially my back. I'm telling everyone how wonderful it was - thank you, thank you for making me feel better!" - Anne

"Hello,I just want to thank you again for making my body feel so good with your amazing hands.... I also am looking forward to our next session...lol, your hands are addictive." - Keda
"Awesome....So much better than those overpriced day spas and retreats. I'll be back!" - Dawn "I loved your unconventional style...keep doing what you're doing because it was relaxing and enjoyable." - Lisa
"Every part of me feels so relaxed. I'm glowing...You are incredible! Every woman should come see you. We deserve it. " - Kelly

"Just what the doctor ordered. A heavenly experience. You are giving. You exude warmth and trust...Your big hands are talented and experienced." - Susan

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