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Get at a Deep Tissue, Relaxation, or Luxury Massage with Joe Today ....You'll be Glad You Did!

Milwaukee's Best Massage welcomes Joe to our touch therapy team. His knowledge, experience and touch are outstanding.

You'll be a fan of his work before your first session with Joe has ended.

He has over 1200 hours of training in massage therapy and has an Associate's degree in Massage Therapy.

He gives a fantastic therapeutic massage.

In addition to assisting with our famous couples massages, hot-stone massages and 4-hand massages, Joe offers the following styles throughout his sessions:


Relaxation & Nurturing Touch Sessions

Long, slow, gentle strokes work paired with compassionate, nurturing touch. The perfect way to recover from stress, separation, anxiety, trauma, surgery, and recent loss.

These can be full-body or just focus on the areas you like to be massaged most (i.e. feet, hands, scalp, back, neck, shoulders).

30-minutes, $40 * 60-minutes, $70
90-minutes, $95

2-Hour Full Body Luxury Massage

Ultimate pampering for the touch enthusiast. An exquisite combination of pressure, energy work & touch therapies, plus custom-blended aromas, essential oils & specially selected music. Includes time at the end of the session to nap or meditate.

120-minutes, $150

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated volcanic smooth stones all over the body to promote relaxation. Fritz loves giving Hot Stone Massages!

$130 per session

“Sweet Pain” Deep Tissue Energy & Stretching

Recover from over-worked muscles, stored tension, or your weekend of wild debauchery. Includes Thai & Yoga Style stretching, muscle stripping & energy work to help your body recover faster.

This is for muscles that have pain or for clients that like a very deep pressure. You can expect it to be vigorous and stimulating. It is helpful for chronically tense and tight areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, sore shoulders, and overworked leg and thigh muscles.

60-minutes, $90 * 90-minutes, $120

Clients agree that Joe has a an awesome touch and gives a kick-butt massage. An avid hockey player, Joe's strength assures the deep touch your body craves.

Popular with our male and female clients, his non-judgmental, down to earth personality and great listening skills make Joe's massages all the better.

You'll love his touch, demeanor and comfort level with clients of all ages, genders and orientations. We are proud to have Joe on our team!

Call 414-899-1905 to book your massage session with Joe or email us.


"Very thankful for Groupon and for Milwaukee's Best Massage. Without them I would have missed out on the best massage I have had in 35 years. Joe is simply superb. He really got the kinks out!" - Kathleen

"Joseph is a very good massage therapist and one of the nicest 21 year olds I've met in a long time.  I would say quite a remarkable discovery. I wonder if he knows how good he is with people on a sensitivity level for his age. I will book again!" - Jay

"We are soooo coming back. A great massage...They really know how to make us feel good!" - Aubry

"Joe really knows what he is doing! Very professional, yet very at ease...Totally impressed with his maturity and therapeutic touch. I've already booked my next session." - Tom

Joe is available with at least 24 hours notice between 9:00am and 7:00pm daily by appointment only. Please make your appointment with Joe a few days in advance to assure availability. Call 414-899-1905 or email us today!


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