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From Healing Energy Work to Deep Tissue Energy Sessions, Lay's Sessions Are Simply Amazing!

Lay (pronounced Lie) specializes in Energy Healing and Deep Tissue Bodywork. In addition to being tutored extensively, she has trained for years in both Christian and Eastern Oriental approaches to whole body healing.

Healing Hands

Lay integrates energy work along with stretching, deep tissue massage, guided breathing work and specific stretches designed to improve range of motion and restore balance to your stressed body.

The ideal length for a session with Lay is 90-minutes. This allows her to take the time necessary to melt trigger points, open and balance chakras and to put you into an optimal state of relaxation; one that promotes mental, emotional and physical healing.

Since joining our team, Lay is already building a loyal following of men and women who appreciate her extraordinary skill in targeting problem areas and mitigating pain, stress and depression.

Lay combines Thai massage, On-table work, Hawaiian energy work, Esalen massage, Energy healing and deep-tissue energy work into a smooth, full-body serenade.

Your whole body benefits as your mind calms, your energy centers open up and you feel whole again. It is a therapeutic, yet totally addictive experience.

Lay is available by appointment only, 7 days a week, exclusively at Milwaukee's Best Massage. We suggest making your appointment to work with Lay at least 1 week in advance, and to reschedule with her BEFORE you leave the office.


Energy Balancing Sessions

Open up your body's energy pathways (chakras & meridians). Release energy blockages that may cause imbalances & chronic pain via Intuitive Healing, Sacred LomiLomi, Reflexology, & Acupressure. Intense & potentially life-changing!

Each session promotes total well-being by working on your body's energy zones. Energy Balancing massages use a light to medium pressure to relax the entire body, while restoring balance to your body's energy pathways.

60-minutes, $90 * 90-minutes, $120


Relaxation & Nurturing Touch Sessions

Long, slow, gentle strokes work paired with compassionate, nurturing touch. The perfect way to recover from stress, separation, anxiety, trauma, surgery, and recent loss.

These can be full-body or just focus on the areas you like to be massaged most (i.e. feet, hands, scalp, back, neck, shoulders).

30-minutes, $40 * 60-minutes, $70
90-minutes, $95


2-Hour Full Body Luxury Massage

Ultimate pampering for the touch enthusiast. An exquisite combination of pressure, energy work & touch therapies, plus custom-blended aromas, essential oils & specially selected music. Includes time at the end of the session to nap or meditate.

120-minutes, $150


“Sweet Pain” Deep Tissue Energy & Stretching

Recover from over-worked muscles, stored tension, or your weekend of wild debauchery. Includes Thai & Yoga Style stretching, muscle stripping & energy work to help your body recover faster.

This is for muscles that have pain or for clients that like a very deep pressure. You can expect it to be vigorous and stimulating. It is helpful for chronically tense and tight areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, sore shoulders, and overworked leg and thigh muscles.

The movement is slow and deliberate. The pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Your practitioner will often spend an hour or more on a specific region of the body to encourage relief.

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60-minutes, $90 * 90-minutes, $120

Lay's sessions fill quickly. So, call 414-899-1905 or email us to schedule today.

Please remember that all sessions are professional, non-erotic and per local and states laws, require draping at ALL times. All clients must fill out the client intake and acknowledgment form before the session begins.


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